Recent sightings

12/06/24RavenLoudwater2D Marchant
In the trees by the railway line before flying off towards Flackwell Heath. .  
09/06/24RavenFlackwell Heath1J E Rose
One calling for about 30 mins while I was still in bed! Presumed bred in the area.  
08/06/24RavenFlackwell Heath1J E Rose
One calling for about 20 mins while I was still in bed! Presumed bred in the area.  
05/06/24RavenAston Abbots3J Wilson
Record number for me at this site; three very high over the recreational ground calling and interacting with one another. I was first alerted to their presence by the resident Carrion Crow which went crazy flying into the tree and then I heard the distinctive call and looked up at saw three individuals very high up in the sky. I've had a few sightings at this ground, generally few and far between however I've heard them more than I've seen them. always such a pleasure to behold these magnificent Corvids.  
04/06/24RavenCalverton2C Coppock
ad. Over. Possibly the nearby Northants pair.  
31/05/24RavenFlackwell Heath2J E Rose
Adults with many secondaries missing. Over to the west.  
28/05/24RavenFlackwell Heath1J E Rose
Over Wilfrids Wood cronking.  
19/05/24RavenWest Wood, Little Chalfont1T Wood
Soaring - heading South.  
18/05/24RavenDorney Common, Dorney1T James
Over cronking.  
16/05/24RavenSherington1W Bush




2017Raven, Buckinghamshire, With the species continuing to increase please refer to Goingbirding for details.
2016Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from over 100 sites. Two groups of over 30 birds recorded.
2015Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from over 100 sites. Largest group was at Chilton on 21st Oct.
2014Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 87 sites.
2013Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 85 sites.
2012Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 90 sites.
2011Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 94 sites.
2010Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 97 sites.
2009Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 87 sites.
2008Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 61 sites. Several pairs breeding.
2007Raven, Buckinghamshire, I site confirmed and 1 probable breeding.  Reported from 41 sites.
2006Raven, Buckinghamshire, 3 pairs known to have bred.  Reported from 48 sites across the county with a max of 6 going to roost in Ashridge.
2005Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 17 sites.  Max of 5 together.
2004Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 10 sites , most frequently in the Chilterns.  Max of 5 together.
2003Raven, Buckinghamshire, Reported from 10 sites mainly along the Chiltern escarpment.
2002Raven, Dancersend, 13th October, 1 on 13th Oct.
2002Raven, Ivinghoe Beacon, 30th September, 2 on 30th Sep.
2002Raven, Weston Turville, 15th September, 1 on 15th Sep.
2002Raven, Coombe Hill, 11th September, 2 over SW on 11th Sep.
2002Raven, Steps Hill, 7th September to 13th October, 1 on 7th Sep, 2 on 30th Sep and 13th Oct.
2002Raven, Back Wood, 9th March, 2 on 9th Mar.
2001Raven, Prestwood, 28th October, 2 flew over west, calling, on 28th Oct.
2001Raven, Marlow, 28th October, 2 flying W on 28th Oct.
2001Raven, South Bucks, 21st September, 1 near Maidenhead flew into Bucks on 21st Sep.
2001Raven, Pitstone, 21st April, 1 mobbed by Buzzards on 21st Apr.
2001Raven, Northend, 2 on 5th and 13th Aug.
2000Raven, Saunderton Lee, 24th December, 1 on 24th Dec.
2000Raven, Hughenden Park, 9th September, Hughenden Manor – 1 on 9th Sep.
2000Raven, Finemere Wood, 17th July, 1 on 17th Jul.
2000Raven, Cheddington, 21st March, Cheddington -  1 on 21st Mar.
2000Raven, Stokenchurch, 3rd March, 1 3rd Mar.
2000Raven, Lodge Hill, 1 on 14th -15th Sep and 17th Oct.  2 on 31st Oct.
2000Raven, Steps Hill, 3 5th, 2 7th, 1 19th & 2 26th Mar.
1999Raven, Stoke Goldington, 18th April, 1 circling and calling on 18th Apr.
1999Raven, Steps Hill, 26th March, 1 over on 26th Mar.
1982Raven, Willen Lakes, 25th January, 1 on 25th Jan.
1947Raven, Ravenstone, 1 seen mobbed by Rooks.
1932Raven, Boveney, 12th November, 1 probable on 12th Nov.
1887Raven, Farnham Common, 14th August, 1 on 14th Aug at Farnham.
1829Raven, Dinton, 16th December, 1 shot on 16th Dec at Dinton Hall.
1828Raven, Dinton, 25th March, 1 shot on 25th Mar at Dinton Hall.