2021Hoopoe, Hedgerley, 3rd-6th May, 1 Present.
2021Hoopoe, Willen Road Excavations, 2nd-26th April, 1 present.
2020Hoopoe, Radclive, 8th May, One present.
2019Hoopoe, Ivinghoe Beacon, 16th September, One.
2019Hoopoe, Wendover, 26th April, One.
2018Hoopoe, Calvert, 30th April, 1 at Pounden nr Calvert.
2011Hoopoe, Horsleys Green, 15th May, 1 on 15th May.  See Photo.
2011Hoopoe, North Crawley, 5th May, 1 on 5th May.
2011Hoopoe, Hardmead, 18th April, 1 on 18th Apr.
2009Hoopoe, Woburn GC, 1st June, 1 on 1st Jun.
2008Hoopoe, Sherington, 11th April, 1 over on 11th Apr.
2007Hoopoe, Flackwell Heath, 22nd April, 1 22nd Apr.  See Photo.
2006Hoopoe, Wooburn Green, 20th April, 1 20th Apr.
2005Hoopoe, Milton Keynes, 7th-9th April, 1 on unused land 7th -9th Apr in Central Milton Keynes. See Photo.
2004Hoopoe, Kingsey, 11th-11th May, 1 1st  to 11th May may have strayed into Bucksnear Towersey.  See Photo.
2003Hoopoe, Lodge Hill, 30th May, 1 on 30th May  See Photo.
2002Hoopoe, Woodham, 1 from early June to later July was ringed and thought to be an escape.  See Photo.
1999Hoopoe, Maid's Moreton, 26th April, 1 at Bycells Farm on 26th Apr.
1998Hoopoe, Marsh Gibbon, 17th May, 1 in garden on 17th May.  See Photo.
1997Hoopoe, Wendover Woods, 23rd April, 1 on 23rd Apr.
1996Hoopoe, North Crawley, 14th April, 1 on 14th Apr.
1995Hoopoe, High Wycombe, 8th October, 1 in several gardens on 8th Oct.
1993Hoopoe, Naphill, 26th April, 1 over on 26th Apr.
1990Hoopoe, Winslow, 30th November to 7th December, 1 on 30th Nov and 7th Dec was also reported in Jan 1991.
1989Hoopoe, The Lee, 2nd October, 1 on 2nd Oct.
1989Hoopoe, Bourne End, 17th-18th April, 1 17th -18th Apr.
1984Hoopoe, Weston Underwood, 22nd April to 7th July, 1 22nd Apr to 7th Jul at Weston Underwood and Olney.
1984Hoopoe, Foxcote Res, 22nd April, 1 on 22nd Apr.
1984Hoopoe, Bockmer End, 20th April, 1 on 20th Apr.
1981Hoopoe, Chesham, 6th-7th July, 1 at Lye Green on 6th -7th July reported to have been present for 3 weeks.
1981Hoopoe, Ley Hill, 1 in the 1st week July may have been the Lye Green individual.
1980Hoopoe, Olney, 10th-13th May, 1 10th -13th May at Yardley Chase.
1980Hoopoe, Burnham Beeches, 15th April, 1 on 15th Apr.
1980Hoopoe, Bourne End, 12th April, 1 on 12th Apr.
1916Hoopoe, Taplow, Bred in a garden.
1760Hoopoe, Ford, 1 shot.

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