Recent sightings

02/05/24HoopoePipers Corner1J Court
Probable Hoopoe. Information was passed to me by my partner of 'odd sounding bird' but not seen. Not too many options but after 'interrogation' she was very confident that the Hoopoe matched what she heard. I investigated on 6th May without success. SU867976.  
01/04/24HoopoeDorney Common, Dorney1P Martin
North side Jubilee River on footpath that connects the two footbridges. By the bench and flew up the hill eastwards along route of river. Update - This site is actually in Berks.  




2022Hoopoe, Wapseys Wood WDS, 23rd July, One seen.
2021Hoopoe, Hedgerley, 3rd-6th May, 1 Present.
2021Hoopoe, Willen Road Excavations, 2nd-26th April, 1 present.
2020Hoopoe, Radclive, 8th May, One present.
2019Hoopoe, Ivinghoe Beacon, 16th September, One.
2019Hoopoe, Wendover, 26th April, One.
2018Hoopoe, Calvert, 30th April, 1 at Pounden nr Calvert.
2011Hoopoe, Horsleys Green, 15th May, 1 on 15th May.  See Photo.
2011Hoopoe, North Crawley, 5th May, 1 on 5th May.
2011Hoopoe, Hardmead, 18th April, 1 on 18th Apr.
2009Hoopoe, Woburn GC, 1st June, 1 on 1st Jun.
2008Hoopoe, Sherington, 11th April, 1 over on 11th Apr.
2007Hoopoe, Flackwell Heath, 22nd April, 1 22nd Apr.  See Photo.
2006Hoopoe, Wooburn Green, 20th April, 1 20th Apr.
2005Hoopoe, Milton Keynes, 7th-9th April, 1 on unused land 7th -9th Apr in Central Milton Keynes. See Photo.
2004Hoopoe, Kingsey, 11th-11th May, 1 1st  to 11th May may have strayed into Bucksnear Towersey.  See Photo.
2003Hoopoe, Lodge Hill, 30th May, 1 on 30th May  See Photo.
2002Hoopoe, Woodham, 1 from early June to later July was ringed and thought to be an escape.  See Photo.
1999Hoopoe, Maid's Moreton, 26th April, 1 at Bycells Farm on 26th Apr.
1998Hoopoe, Marsh Gibbon, 17th May, 1 in garden on 17th May.  See Photo.
1997Hoopoe, Wendover Woods, 23rd April, 1 on 23rd Apr.
1996Hoopoe, North Crawley, 14th April, 1 on 14th Apr.
1995Hoopoe, High Wycombe, 8th October, 1 in several gardens on 8th Oct.
1993Hoopoe, Naphill, 26th April, 1 over on 26th Apr.
1990Hoopoe, Winslow, 30th November to 7th December, 1 on 30th Nov and 7th Dec was also reported in Jan 1991.
1989Hoopoe, The Lee, 2nd October, 1 on 2nd Oct.
1989Hoopoe, Bourne End, 17th-18th April, 1 17th -18th Apr.
1984Hoopoe, Weston Underwood, 22nd April to 7th July, 1 22nd Apr to 7th Jul at Weston Underwood and Olney.
1984Hoopoe, Foxcote Res, 22nd April, 1 on 22nd Apr.
1984Hoopoe, Bockmer End, 20th April, 1 on 20th Apr.
1981Hoopoe, Chesham, 6th-7th July, 1 at Lye Green on 6th -7th July reported to have been present for 3 weeks.
1981Hoopoe, Ley Hill, 1 in the 1st week July may have been the Lye Green individual.
1980Hoopoe, Olney, 10th-13th May, 1 10th -13th May at Yardley Chase.
1980Hoopoe, Burnham Beeches, 15th April, 1 on 15th Apr.
1980Hoopoe, Bourne End, 12th April, 1 on 12th Apr.
1916Hoopoe, Taplow, Bred in a garden.
1760Hoopoe, Ford, 1 shot.