Milton Keynes

Grid Reference: SP8438

Recent sightings

29/06/24SwiftMilton Keynes, Central, Milton Keynes10M Haberfield
ad. Squadron screaming and swooping around neighbouring rooftops - at least 4 nest sites in eaves.  
11/06/24CATTLE EGRETTattenhoe, Milton Keynes1H Appleyard
Belated report following reviewing of images. A very high-flying individual initially seen heading northeast over the Tattenhoe Valley Park before u-turning and heading to the south/southwest. My first for the Tattenhoe area and Bucks.  
19/06/24SwiftMilton Keynes, Central, Milton Keynes12M Haberfield
ad. Swooping low around neighbouring houses, now visiting nest sites in gables and eaves of the houses. At least 4 active nest sites. The swifts come and go in small groups (maximum 12 seen together at same time) throughout the day. Noticeably more frequent visits now started feeding nestlings.  
19/06/24Common TernMilton Keynes, Central, Milton Keynes1M Haberfield
Flying around Campbell Wharf Marina and canal, looking to fish. Unusual to see one here.  
17/06/24NuthatchFurzton Lake, Milton Keynes1A Gibbs
17/06/24NuthatchHowe Park Wood, Milton Keynes1H Appleyard
Heard calling.  
17/06/24Willow WarblerTattenhoe, Milton Keynes1H Appleyard
male. Lingering male still continuing its mimicry of Chiffchaff song but also heard producing Willow Warbler calls in the Tattenhoe Valley Park.  
17/06/24ChiffchaffTattenhoe, Milton Keynes2H Appleyard
ad and juv. Observed near the lingering Willow Warbler in the Tattenhoe Valley Park.  
17/06/24Lesser WhitethroatTattenhoe, Milton Keynes1H Appleyard
male. Lingering male once again seen foraging and singing in trees near my garden on the estate.  
16/06/24GoldcrestTattenhoe, Milton Keynes1H Appleyard
Heard singing.