2022Hawfinch, Steps Hill, 22nd October, On passage.
2022Hawfinch, Beaconsfield, 12th April, On a garden feeder!.
2022Hawfinch, Great Hampden, 2 records in Jan, 1 in Feb, 1 Nov and 8 in Dec.
2021Hawfinch, Great Hampden, 3rd November to 28th December, Up to 3 present.
2021Hawfinch, Back Wood, 7th October, 1 Present.
2021Hawfinch, Steps Hill, 1st May, 1 over.
2021Hawfinch, Great Missenden, Up to 3 in a garden.
2020Hawfinch, Buckinghamshire, 20 records from 9 sites. For details see Annual Report.
2019Hawfinch, Great Missenden, 27th December, One.
2019Hawfinch, Willen Lakes, 15th December, One.
2019Hawfinch, Great Hampden, 17th November to 2nd December, Max 11 but see annual report for details.
2019Hawfinch, Steps Hill, 25th October, One.
2019Hawfinch, Howe Park Wood, 22nd October, Three present.
2019Hawfinch, Tattenhoe, 12th April, And another on 25th Oct.
2018Hawfinch, Buckinghamshire, Following the 2017 invasion there were still many sighting in 2018. For details see the annual report. The largest flock were at Little Missenden with 46 on 2nd Jan. .
2017Hawfinch, Buckinghamshire, 16th October to 31st December, An unprecedented influx starting on 16th Oct with birds at Bledlow Ridge, Marlow Bottom and Steps Hill. Birds then seen at 31 sites up until the year end. For more details refer to the Annual Report and Goingbirding.
2013Hawfinch, Homefield Wood, 22nd November, 1 on 22nd Nov.
2013Hawfinch, Milton Keynes, 17th March, 1 on 17th Mar.
2013Hawfinch, Aston Clinton, 15th January, 1 on 15th Jan.
2012Hawfinch, Wing, 19th November, 1 on 19th Nov.
2012Hawfinch, Lodge Hill, 17th November, 1 on 17th Nov.
2012Hawfinch, Penn Wood, 1st November to 26th December, 2 on 1st Nov.  1 on 26th Dec.
2012Hawfinch, Hardwick, 7th September, 2 on 7th Sept.
2011Hawfinch, Middle Claydon, 21st August, 21st Aug.
2011Hawfinch, Penn Wood, 1st January, 1 st Jan.
2010Hawfinch, Penn Wood, 30th December, 30th Dec.
2010Hawfinch, Hazlemere, 17th December, 17th Dec.
2010Hawfinch, Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (formerly Manor Farm), 4th September, 4th Sep.
2009Hawfinch, Tyler's Green, 13th August, 1 13th Aug.
2009Hawfinch, Halton, 30th March, 6 on 30th Mar.
2009Hawfinch, Shenley Brook End, 27th February, 1 27th Feb,.
2009Hawfinch, Stowe, 2nd February, 1 in garden on 2nd Feb.
2009Hawfinch, High Wycombe, 30th January, 1 over Wycombe Rye 30th Jan.
2009Hawfinch, Quarryhall, 14th-16th January, Up to 3 from 14th -16th Jan at Quarryhall/Gayhurst Manor.
2008Hawfinch, High Wycombe, 6th December, 1 6th December.
2008Hawfinch, Ivinghoe Beacon, 13th October, 1 13th October and Steps Hill on the 14th.
2008Hawfinch, Steps Hill, 28th September, 1 28th September.
2008Hawfinch, Fulmer, 27th June, 2 27th June.
2007Hawfinch, Speen, 30th October, 1 on Oct 30th.
2007Hawfinch, Steps Hill, 5th-24th October, 1 over calling on 5th Oct.  1 on 24th Oct.
2006Hawfinch, Stowe, 9th-19th March, A pair at a garden feeder on 9th Mar. Fem on 19th Mar.
2006Hawfinch, Gerrards Cross, 18th February, 1 on 18th Feb.
2006Hawfinch, Little Marlow Village, 11th February to 12th March, 1 11th Feb to 12th Mar.
2006Hawfinch, Shenley Brook End, 1st February, 1th Feb.
2006Hawfinch, Rushbeds Wood, 29th January, 1 on 29th Jan.
2006Hawfinch, Milton Keynes, 24th January to 8th February, 1-2 24th Jan to 8th Feb were probably part of the group from Shenley Brook End.
2006Hawfinch, Flackwell Heath, 1st-14th January, 1 from 1st – 14th Jan.
2005Hawfinch, Wotton Lakes, 24th November, 1 on 24th Nov.
2005Hawfinch, Lathbury, 2nd November, 1 on 2nd Nov.
2005Hawfinch, Steps Hill, 19th October, 1 on 19th Oct.
2005Hawfinch, Princes Risborough, 6th October, 1 on 6th Oct.
2004Hawfinch, East Iver Lakes, 25th February, 1 on 25th Feb.
2003Hawfinch, Wooburn Common, 22nd March, 4 on 22nd March.
2002Hawfinch, West Wycombe Park, 23rd February, 8 on 23rd Feb close to the village.
2002Hawfinch, Wooburn Common, 2 on four dates in Jan.
2001Hawfinch, Wycombe Abbey, 23rd October, 2 on 23rd Oct.
2001Hawfinch, Steps Hill, 26th September, 1 over on 26th Sep.
2000Hawfinch, Little Chalfont, 23rd-25th March, 2 on 23rd and 25th Mar.
2000Hawfinch, Knotty Green, 1 in a garden on 2 dates in Mar.
2000Hawfinch, Flackwell Heath, 1 on 11th and 27th Dec in different areas.