White Stork

Recent sightings

27/05/24White StorkGreat Brickhill2R D Andrews
Over quite low heading west! One bird definitely had a metal ring on the right leg so almost certainly a Knepp bird but fantastic sight to see.  
30/04/24White StorkNewport Pagnell, Newport Pagnell1A Handford
Flying low towards Willen.  
12/04/24White StorkRowsham1M Wallen
ad. What a garden bird !!!! Came in quite low from the East, I was alerted to it's presence by a calling Grey Heron. It circled around for a bit, being mobbed by Red Kites and then left to the North-East. Photo'd. A metal ring can be seen by it's foot on the right leg. I need to look at photo's for other rings. It's probably going to be a Knepp bird. But what a spectacular sight from the garden. Never has hanging out the washing filled me with so much adrenalin !! :).  
08/04/24White StorkCaldecotte Lake1N Webber
Initially seen c11.10, single bird was quite low over the south lake, drifted towards the south, but then climbed significantly and flew north. Unable to tell if ringed. However, 25 minutes later, it (or another bird?) was seen in the direction of Bow Brickhill above the new warehouses, again quite low, but climbed and drifted towards the south east in the direction of Leighton Buzzard. Not something you expect when out for a walk with the grandson on his new bike!  
31/03/24White StorkFulmer Lake, Fulmer1M Milne
Was looking out over the flooded field by the entrance to Low Farm, when I noticed loads of RKs and Buzzards up. Thinking that something like an Osprey etc might be in the vicinity I looked up and saw a huge, broad winged bird heading W towards us. I quickly realised it was a White Stork and my Dad and I couldn't believe it as we watched it fly over our heads, circle around the main marsh as if it was looking to land and then head W, following the A40. From the photos taken, it looked like it was a Knepp bird.  
21/03/24White StorkEythrope2L Evans
The two adult Knepp Park releases (GB28 and GB81) were showing well on the floods to the west of the bridge but were very mobile. The rings are blue plastic with white inscription.  
21/03/24White StorkEythrope2J W Gearing
Feeding on flood plain south of river Thame on Starveall Farm land. Both ringed on left leg but too far away for me to read numbers.  
21/03/24White StorkEythrope2L Evans
Just got word back from Knepp about the 2 White Storks. I misread one of the rings. It was actually GB2B and not GB28 as I had believed. GB2B is actually an adult male of Polish origin which flew into overhead wires. It was rehabilitated at Cotswold Wildlife Park before being transferred to Sussex. So, in essence, a naturally wild individual rather than one of the purposefully introduced birds. Same as one of the Suffolk WTSE this winter.  
20/03/24White StorkEythrope2J Dowling
Still present 4.15. Both birds ringed on left leg with a 4 digit ring. SP765131.  


White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork


2022White Stork, Dorney Common, 17th December, Flew over and landed in Berks.
2022White Stork, Tattenhoe Park, Milton Keynes, 10th October, Three over.
2022White Stork, Waddesdon, 12th April, One over South.
2020White Stork, Bradenham, 8th June, This individual could possibly be from the White Stork reintroduction scheme.
2019White Stork, Upper Ray Meadows, 21st July, One.
2019White Stork, Stoke Common, 13th May, Two birds over were probably of this species.
2019White Stork, Little Marlow GP, 21st March, One over.
2017[White Stork, Chesham, 16th May, A presumed escape from Whipsnade Zoo.]
2014White Stork, Gallows Bridge, 22nd April, 1 on 22nd Apr. This was thought to be the same bird that later flew over Pitstone Hill.
2009White Stork, Stoke Mandeville, 23rd April, 1 over Terrick on 23rd Apr.
2008White Stork, Pitstone Quarry, 16th August, 2 juvs on 16th Aug were seen at Wilstone Res and Pitstone Quarry and seen to fly into Bucks at some point.
2006White Stork, Buckingham, 25th-28th April, 1 25th -28th Apr at Bourton.
2006White Stork, Stowe, 17th April, 1 over west on 17th Apr at Stowe Park.
2004White Stork, New Denham, 30th June to 4th July, 30th June-4th July.
2004White Stork, Newport Pagnell, 26th April, 1 in flight on 26th Apr.
2004White Stork, Dorney, 1st April, 1th April 2004.
2003White Stork, Bledlow, 2nd December, 1 on 2nd Dec.
2003White Stork, Foxcote Res, 4th October, 1 over on 4th Oct presumed to be above bird.
2003White Stork, Leckhampstead, 25th-27th September, 1 25th – 27th Sep presumed to be above bird.
2003White Stork, Wing, 28th August, 1 on 28th Aug presumed to be above bird.
2003White Stork, Finmere Balancing Pond, 9th-12th August, 1 on 9th and 12th Aug at Finmere/Tingewick.
2000White Stork, Milton Keynes, 4th-21st August, A ringed bird “AX” was seen in several places in the MK area and adjacent counties between 4th & 21st Aug.  For details see Annual Report.
1996White Stork, Hughenden Valley, 25th September, A ringed bird on 25th Sep was found dead the following day.
1996White Stork, Dundridge Manor, 28th-30th May, A 1st summer bird from 28th -30th May.
1996White Stork, Great Horwood, 12th May, 1 over N on 12th May.
1846White Stork, Buckingham, 1 shot in September.