Red-throated Diver


Red-throated Diver
Red-throated Diver


2021Red-throated Diver, Rowsham, 13th April, Over was probably of this species.
2020Red-throated Diver, Radclive, 4th April, Two over were probably of this species.
2017Red-throated Diver, Blue Lagoon, 21st December, Later moved onto Brogborough Lake (Beds).
2011Red-throated Diver, College Lake, adult summer plumage, 14th March.
2010Red-throated Diver, Steps Hill, 10th November, One flying NE.
2005Red-throated Diver, Little Marlow GP, adult, 27th November.
1997Red-throated Diver, Startop's End Reservoir (Bucks Section), 22nd December.
1997Red-throated Diver, Taplow GP, 11th November, A diver briefly on 11th Nov was almost certainly of this species.
1996Red-throated Diver, Weston Turville Reservoir, adult, 14th March, taken into care but died on 15th.
1994Red-throated Diver, Stowe, 20th January, Stowe School.
1990Red-throated Diver, Little Marlow GP, 16th December to 12th January 1991.
1989Red-throated Diver, Willen Lakes, 2nd-3rd April, 14 on 2nd Apr, with 6 present just after dawn on on 3rd and 2 remaining until 09:00. This influx may have been caused by snow on the E coast.
1988Red-throated Diver, Calvert, 17th November, A diver Sp on 17th Nov was considered to be of this species.
1987Red-throated Diver, Weston Turville Reservoir, adult, 8th-10th December, taken into care but later died.
1986Red-throated Diver, Willen Lakes, 7th February.
1980Red-throated Diver, Willen Lakes, 7th-10th October.
1979Red-throated Diver, Willen Lakes, 14th March.
1978Red-throated Diver, Wotton Lakes, 5th-12th March.
1978Red-throated Diver, Hurley (Bucks), 19th February, A diver Sp on the River Thames  on 19th Feb was considered to be of this species.
1976Red-throated Diver, Calvert, 13th-16th February.
1971Red-throated Diver, Milton Keynes, 25th February to 8th March, A diver Sp at Stanton Low GP was considered to be of this species.
1970Red-throated Diver, Hurley (Bucks), 11th-31st March, on the River Thames.
1952Red-throated Diver, Little Marlow GP, adult, 27th October to 7th November.
<1910Red-throated Diver, Aylesbury, near Aylesbury Station - shot and presented to County Museum.