Manx Shearwater


Manx Shearwater
Manx Shearwater


2016Manx Shearwater, Wendover Woods, 4th September, Found grounded on 4th Sep. It was taken to St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.
2010Manx Shearwater, Aylesbury, 23rd September, 1 picked up on 23rd Sep was taken to the RSPCA.
2000Manx Shearwater, Milton Keynes, 1st September, 1 picked up at Deanshanger and was taken to St Tiggeywinkles and released in the Bristol Channel on 2nd Sep.
1996Manx Shearwater, Milton Keynes, 8th-8th October, A freshly dead bird was found on the M1 motorway 2 miles north of junction 13 on 8th Oct.
1994Manx Shearwater, College Lake, 9th September, 1 just before dusk on 9th Sep.
1994Manx Shearwater, High Wycombe, 28th August, 1 on 28th Aug was later released.
1988Manx Shearwater, Penn Street, 14th September.
1988Manx Shearwater, Weston Turville Reservoir, 8th September.
1984Manx Shearwater, Buckingham, 21st September.
1984Manx Shearwater, Calvert, 3rd September.
1984Manx Shearwater, Aylesbury, 1st September.
1983Manx Shearwater, Calvert, 16th September.
1983Manx Shearwater, Quainton, 7th September, 1 found on 7th Sep was released on the coast.
1983Manx Shearwater, Tilehouse Lakes, 7th June.
1982Manx Shearwater, Pitstone, 7th September, 1 found 7th Sep. was released on the Devon coast.
1980Manx Shearwater, Lillingstone Dayrell, 17th September, 1 found recently dead on 17th Sep.
1972Manx Shearwater, Mentmore, 6th September, At Mentmore Towers.
1970Manx Shearwater, Old Slade Lake, Berks, 1st July, 1 flying over 1st July. (Now in Berks).
1970Manx Shearwater, High Wycombe, 1 found in Sep. was released at Beachy Head.
1970Manx Shearwater, Chesham, 1 found in Sep. was released at Beachy Head.
1967Manx Shearwater, Marlow Common, 9th September, 1 found dead 9th Sep.
1927Manx Shearwater, Bradenham, 17th September, 1 caught at Bradenham House.
Manx Shearwater, Tattenhoe, 14th September, 1 found in a garden was taken to St Tiggywinkles.