2021Honey-buzzard, Great Brickhill, 26th July, 1 over.
2018Honey-buzzard, Lathbury, 26th April, One over heading N.
2014Honey-buzzard, Marlow, 29th August, One over S on 29th Aug.
2013Honey-buzzard, Steps Hill, 11th October, One on 11th Oct.
2013Honey-buzzard, Hardmead, 18th September, An adult male on 18th Sep.
2010Honey-buzzard, Steps Hill, 22nd September, 1 on 22nd Sep.
2009Honey-buzzard, Marlow Bottom, 19th September, 1 over S on 19th Sep.
2008Honey-buzzard, Langley Park, 22nd September, 1 22nd Sep.
2008Honey-buzzard, Princes Risborough, 15th September, 1 15th Sep.
2008Honey-buzzard, Steps Hill, 14th September, 1 on 14th Sep.
2008Honey-buzzard, Shenley Wood, 14th September, 1 14th Sep.
2008Honey-buzzard, Ivinghoe Beacon, 9th-21st September, 4 on 9th Sep. 1 15th, 1 21st Sep.
2008Honey-buzzard, Rowsham, 1st June, 1 on 1st Jun.
2005Honey-buzzard, Whaddon, 8th September, 1 over 8th Sep.
2005Honey-buzzard, Marlow, 30th May, 1 over 30th May.
2005Honey-buzzard, Black Park, 2nd May, 1 on 2nd May.
2005Honey-buzzard, South Bucks, Possible breeding at 2 sites in S half of county.
2004Honey-buzzard, Chalfont St Giles, 5th June, 1 over S on 5th June.
2001Honey-buzzard, Stowe, 16th September, 1 on 16th Sep.
2001Honey-buzzard, Aylesbury, 24th May, 1 24th May.
2001Honey-buzzard, Buckinghamshire, A pair present at a possible breeding site.
2000Honey-buzzard, Bledlow Ridge, 2nd October, 3 over on 2nd Oct.
2000Honey-buzzard, Marlow, 1st October, 1 on 1st Oct.
2000Honey-buzzard, Chalfont St Peter, 1st October, 1 flew into Bucks near to WestHyde (Herts) on 1st Oct.
2000Honey-buzzard, Dorney, 1st October, 1 pale morph juv on 1st Oct.
2000Honey-buzzard, Thorney CP, 30th September, 1 on 30th Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Little Kingshill, 28th September, 1 over SE on 28th Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Grove, 28th September, 1 flying into Bucks near Cheddington on 28th Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Stony Stratford, 28th September, 1 on 28th Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Denham, 27th September, 1 juv on 27th Sep at Denham Green.
2000Honey-buzzard, Whaddon, 25th September, 1 dark bird on 25th Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Little Marlow GP, 25th-26th September, 1-2 over on 25th and another on 26th Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Caldecotte Lake, 23rd September, 1 juv on 23rd Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Pitstone Hill, 23rd-24th September, Groups of 2,3 and 2 birds at 17:15 were followed by 4 at 18:35.  7 on  23rd Sep.  3 on 24th Sep were seen to drop into Ashridge.  7 on 25th may have included 3 from the previous day.  5 on 27th Sep.  2 1st Oct.
2000Honey-buzzard, Wolverton, 15th August to 29th September, 1 dark bird on 15th Aug.  A possible on 29th Sep.
2000Honey-buzzard, Rowsham, 7th May, 1 pale phase bird over east on 7th May.
2000Honey-buzzard, South Bucks, A few records from a site in S of the county which was probably occupied.
1999Honey-buzzard, Oakley, 11th October, 1 soaring high on 11th Oct.
1998Honey-buzzard, Windsor Hill, 10th June, A bird seen and videoed on 10th June was probably of this species.
1995Honey-buzzard, Wingrave, 15th October, 1 over SE on 15th Oct.
1995Honey-buzzard, Back Wood, 27th August, 2 over on 27th Aug.
1995Honey-buzzard, Buckinghamshire, 1 bird seen regularly from late Apr to mid June.  Another bird present on at least one occasion and breeding is a possibility.
1994Honey-buzzard, Linford GPs, 15th May, 1 circled on 15th May.
1993Honey-buzzard, Beaconsfield, 2nd October, 1 flying east on 2nd Oct.
1993Honey-buzzard, Back Wood, 29th August, 1 on 29th Aug.
1991Honey-buzzard, Windsor Hill, 14th July, 1 on 14th Jul.
1990Honey-buzzard, Cheddington, 16th September, 1 on 16th Sep.
1988Honey-buzzard, Philipshill Wood, 29th May, 1 on 29th May.
1986Honey-buzzard, Rushbeds Wood, 12th June, 1 on 12th June.
1969Honey-buzzard, Newport Pagnell, 2nd August, 1 on 2nd Aug.
1882Honey-buzzard, Shabbington Wood, 23rd September, 2 killed on about 23rd Sep.
1842Honey-buzzard, Chesham, 1 captured in the Chesham/Missenden area.
1837Honey-buzzard, Burnham Beeches, Reported by John Gould to have bred.