Calvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert

Grid Reference: SP684250

Recent sightings

06/06/24Reed WarblerCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert4P Gibbs
All singing in front of first hide.  
06/06/24Black-headed GullCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert21P Gibbs
Including 8 sitting on nests and 3 fledged young, on what's left of the rafts.  
12/05/24Reed WarblerCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert2T Watts
11/05/24Reed WarblerCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert2T Watts
Collecting nest material.  
11/05/24Common SandpiperCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert1T Watts
07/05/24Song ThrushCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert1T Watts
06/05/24Mute SwanCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert1T Watts
Nest In reedbed deserted, high enough out of water so suspect predator, something strong enough to see off adults Swans.  
06/05/24Black-headed GullCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert18T Watts
7 sitting but nests not safe at all,what rafts left in poor repair, high winds will wash them out and predator surrounds gone. Otters a real danger in my opinion.  
06/05/24Little TernCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert1T Watts
This morning. Spotted highish at far Sth end of lake from hide, it did two circuits down there then one quick circuit past hide then not seen again. Checked both lakes 3+ times. With these had same before, think lakes great for insect eating Terns but too deep/ dark to spot small fish prey?  
29/04/24OTHER SPECIESCalvert BBOWT Lake, Calvert1T Watts
Highlight of day - Pristine Green Hairstreak, bushes on path to hide.