2022Avocet, Foxcote Res, 8th July, Three present.
2022Avocet, Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (formerly Manor Farm), 9th May, 2 present.
2022Avocet, College Lake, 28th April, One present.
2022Avocet, Willen Lakes, 20th March, 9 present.
2021Avocet, Dorney Lake, 26th December, 1 present.
2021Avocet, College Lake, 22nd April, 1 present.
2021Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 18th April, 3 present.
2020Avocet, Watermead Lake, 23rd April, One present.
2020Avocet, Willen Lakes, 14th March, One present.
2019Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 17th August, A juvenile.
2019Avocet, College Lake, 23rd March, One.
2018Avocet, Foxcote Res, 17th November, 1 present.
2018Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 29th June, 2 present.
2018Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 12th April, 3 on 12th Apr. .
2018Avocet, Dorney, 2nd April, 3 present.
2017Avocet, College Lake, 10th July.
2015Avocet, College Lake, 19th July, A juv on 19th Jul moved to Pitstone Quarry .
2015Avocet, Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (formerly Manor Farm), 5th April, 1 on 5th Apr.
2015Avocet, College Lake, 16th February, 1 on 16th Feb.
2014Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 6th October, 1 on 6th Oct.
2014Avocet, Dorney, 10th April, 1 on 10th Apr.
2014Avocet, College Lake, 8th March, 1 on 8th Mar.
2013Avocet, College Lake, 27th May to 20th June, 1 on 27th May, 20th Jun. and 21st Jul.
2013Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 9th March, 1 on 9th Mar.
2011Avocet, Linford GPs, 10th May, 2 on 10th May.
2011Avocet, College Lake, 23rd March, 2 on 23rd Mar.
2011Avocet, Willen Lakes, 17th-18th March, 1 on 17th -18th Mar.
2010Avocet, Dorney, 21st April to 29th May, 1 on 21st Apr and 29th May.
2008Avocet, Dorney Lake, 30th August, 1 on 30th Aug.
2008Avocet, Dorney Lake, 6th May, 3 on 6th May.
2008Avocet, Willen Lakes, 26th March, 5 on 26th Mar.
2007Avocet, College Lake, 6th April, The 4 birds from Broughton TPs PM on 6th Apr.
2007Avocet, Broughton, Aylesbury, 6th April, 4 on 6th April AM.
2006Avocet, Calvert, 10th April, 10th Apr.
2004Avocet, Willen Lakes, 16th April, 1 on 16th Apr.
2002Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 24th March, 1 for 2 hours on 24th Mar.
1998Avocet, Calvert, 25th April, 1 on 25th Apr.
1996Avocet, Little Marlow GP, 19th May, 5 on 19th May only stayed for 35 mins.
1996Avocet, Linford GPs, 23rd March, 3 birds at Linford on 23rd Mar moved to Willen.
1995Avocet, Willen Lakes, 11th August, 1 on 11th Aug.
1992Avocet, Linford GPs, 8th June, 2 on 8th Jun.
1992Avocet, Caldecotte Lake, 23rd April, 2 over on 23rd Apr were later found at Willen.
1992Avocet, Willen Lakes, 3rd February, 1 with roosting gulls on 3rd Feb.
1984Avocet, Willen Lakes, 24th March, 1 on 24th March.
1984Avocet, Marlow, 13th March, 1 on 13th March.
1983Avocet, Willen Lakes, 27th March, 24 on 27th March.
1979Avocet, Willen Lakes, 17th June, 1 on 17th June.
1976Avocet, Willen Lakes, 21st November, 1 on 21st Nov.
1975Avocet, Linford GPs, 18th May, 6 on 18th May.