Dartford Warbler


Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler
Dartford Warbler


2022Dartford Warbler, Wapseys Wood WDS, 10th December.
2022Dartford Warbler, Lude Farm, 7th December.
2022Dartford Warbler, Rammamere Heath, 11th February.
2022Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, For details see annual report.
2021Dartford Warbler, Wapseys Wood WDS, 6th February, 1 present.
2021Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, Bred. For details see Annual Report.
2020Dartford Warbler, Hyde Heath, 27th November to 31st December, One present.
2020Dartford Warbler, Chesham, 18th October, In a private garden.
2020Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, Bred. For details see annual report.
2019Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 17th February, Also seen between 1st Aug and 15th Oct.
2018Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 25th March to 10th November, A female on 25th Mar and one heard on 10th Nov.
2017Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 30th October to 14th November, A probable in Mar and 3-4 between 30th Oct and 14th Nov.
2015Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 11th-12th March, 1 on 11th and 12th Mar.
2014Dartford Warbler, Ivinghoe Beacon, 19th-20th October, 1 on 19th and 20th Oct.
2013Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 23rd October, 1 on 23rd Oct.
2010Dartford Warbler, Steps Hill, 7th April, 1 on 7th Apr.
2009Dartford Warbler, Black Park, 15th April, 1 heard on 15th Apr.
2008Dartford Warbler, Turville Court, 10th October, A juv in setaside on 10th Oct.
2006Dartford Warbler, Sarratt Bottom, 23rd January, 1 23rd Jan.
2006Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 11th January, 1 11th Jan.
2006Dartford Warbler, Black Park, 8th January to 12th July, 1-2 birds 8th Jan to 12th Jul.  Also 29th Oct.  Signs of breeding activity.
2005Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 22nd October to 26th December, 1 head on 22nd Oct and 26th Dec.
2005Dartford Warbler, Black Park, 10th April to 31st December, Several records between 10th Apr to year end.
2005Dartford Warbler, Sarratt Bottom, 28th-28th January, A wintering bird on 23rd-28th Jan.
2004Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 11th March, 1 on 11th Mar.
2004Dartford Warbler, Black Park, Present Jan to Sep.  Bred  2 seen in Oct.
2003Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 2 pairs bred.
2002Dartford Warbler, Stoke Common, 24th March to 29th June, A male seen between 24th Mar and 29th June. 2002 Black Park – 1 in late Aug and on 7th Sep.
2001Dartford Warbler, South Bucks, Reported from two sites in the south of the county.
2000Dartford Warbler, South Bucks, Present all year with up to 7 singing birds at one site.   Single birds also recorded at a second site.
1999Dartford Warbler, South Bucks, 1 from 14th -26th Jan, 1 on 28th Apr  2 from Oct 28th to 7th Dec.   1 male on 21st Mar at another site.
1998Dartford Warbler, Steps Hill, 25th November to 9th January 1999, 1 from 25th Nov to 9th Jan 1999.
1993Dartford Warbler, Dorney Common, 1st January, A female wintering in the Slough STW (Berks) just stayed into Bucks on 1st Jan.
Dartford Warbler, Hazeley Wood, Milton Keynes, 27th-28th January, 1 Present.