2021Woodlark, Stoke Common, Present but breeding not proven.
2020Woodlark, Steps Hill, 11th October, One over.
2020Woodlark, Steps Hill, 5th October, Three over.
2020Woodlark, Stoke Common, Probably bred.
2019Woodlark, Stoke Common, Bred with two broods raised.
2018Woodlark, Steps Hill, 20th October, 2 over together.
2018Woodlark, Bledlow Ridge, 28th September, 1 over calling.
2018Woodlark, Stoke Common, 13th March to 1st July, Present between 13th Mar and 1st Jul. Probably 2 pairs but no evidence of breeding.
2017Woodlark, Stoke Common, Bred. Raised at last three young.
2016Woodlark, Stoke Common, Bred. Birds seen between March and June.
2015Woodlark, Rammamere Heath, 8th June, 1 singing on 8th June.
2014Woodlark, Ivinghoe Beacon, 14th October, 1 over on 14th Oct..
2014Woodlark, Broughton, Aylesbury, 22nd August, 1 over on 22nd Aug.
2014Woodlark, Stoke Common, 30th April to 3rd May, 1 singing on 30th Apr and 3rd May.
2012Woodlark, Springfield Farm Landfill, 26th September to 8th October, An adult and juvenile on 26th Sep.  1 on 28th and 29th Sep and 8th Oct.
2012Woodlark, Black Park, 19th June, 1 singing on 19th June.
2011Woodlark, Ivinghoe Beacon, 14th October, 2 over Ivinghoe Beacon/Steps Hill on 14th Oct.
2011Woodlark, Farnham Common, 26th June, 1 singing on 26th Jun.
2010Woodlark, Steps Hill, 10th October to 2nd November, 1 or more on 10th Oct. 1 2nd Nov.
2008Woodlark, Steps Hill, 4th November, 2 over calling on 4th Nov.
2008Woodlark, Ivinghoe Beacon, 12th October, 1 on 12th Oct.
2008Woodlark, Stoke Common, 15th April to 4th July, 1 on 15th Apr and 2 on 4th Jul.
2007Woodlark, Black Park, 1st July, 1 on 1st July.
2005Woodlark, Back Wood, 23rd March, 1 over on 23rd Mar. The only record.
2004Woodlark, Stoke Common, 31st March to 19th April, A male singing on 31st Mar and 19th April were the only records.
2003Woodlark, Stoke Common, 1st March to 7th June, Up to 3 birds present 1st Mar to 7th June.  No proof of breeding.
2002Woodlark, Stoke Common, Several birds present from Mar to July. No proof of breeding.
2001Woodlark, South Bucks, Several records from one site in the S of the county.
2000Woodlark, Buckinghamshire, Bred at sites in the N and S of the county.
1999Woodlark, Pitstone Quarry, 31st August to 18th September, 1 on 31st Aug, 4th & 18th Sep.
1999Woodlark, Coombe Hill, 23rd February, A singing bird 23rd Feb at Coombe Hill/Dancers End.
1999Woodlark, Buckinghamshire, Birds recorded at four potential breeding sites.
1998Woodlark, Little Marlow GP, 1st November, 1 over calling on 1st Nov.
1998Woodlark, Steps Hill, 23rd September, 1 over on 23rd Sep.
1998Woodlark, South Bucks, Bred at two sites in the south of the county.
1997Woodlark, South Bucks, Bred at a site in the S of the county, present at two other sites in the north and south of the county during the early part of the year.
1996Woodlark, South Bucks, Bred at a site in the S of the county and at least one bird present at a site in the N of the county in July.
1995Woodlark, Buckinghamshire, Present in suitable breeding habitat during spring and summer.  Breeding not proven.
1994Woodlark, Drayton Parslow, 4th-6th October, 1 4th & 6th Oct.
1994Woodlark, South Bucks, A pair raised 2 broods.
1993Woodlark, South Bucks, A bird on 2 dates in the breeding season.
1990Woodlark, Calvert, 21st October, 1 flushed from waste ground on 21st Oct.
1990Woodlark, Taplow, 30th March, 1 on 30th Mar.
1988Woodlark, Burnham, 23rd February to 8th March, 1 from 23rd Feb to 8th Mar.
1973Woodlark, Iver, 14th February, 1 on 14th Feb at Iver GP.
1961Woodlark, Cadsden, 16th September, 3 on 16th Sep at Longdown Hill was the last record in this period.
1960Woodlark, Buckinghamshire, Woodlarks bred rather sparsely in the middle and south of the county.  During the pre-1961 period the largest flock was :-.
1949Woodlark, Saunderton, 20th November, 15-20 birds on 20th Nov.