White-fronted Goose


White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose
White-fronted Goose


2021White-fronted Goose, Drayton Beauchamp, 23rd December to 11th January 2022, 8 birds from Wilstone Res seen in Bucks on 23rd and 28th Dec, then 11 on 7th and 11th Jan.
2021White-fronted Goose, Dorney Lake, 15th January to 25th September, 3 seen regularly from 15th Jan to 6th Feb and then on Dorney Common from 7th to 25th Feb.
2021White-fronted Goose, Eythrope, 8th January to 4th May, A 1st winter on 8th and 29th Jan. Then on 10th, 23rd Apr and 4th May. Presumed to be the Watermead bird which was there on 4th Jan.
2021White-fronted Goose, Watermead Lake, 4th January, A 1st winter on 4th Jan.
2021White-fronted Goose, Gallows Bridge Farm, 1st January, 17 present.
2018White-fronted Goose, Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve (formerly Manor Farm), 29th December, 5 present.
2018White-fronted Goose, Dorney, 26th November to 12th December, A family of 3.
2017White-fronted Goose, Claydon Lakes, 16th February, 38.
2017White-fronted Goose, Hillesden, 1st February to 4th March, 7 on 1st Feb, 40 on 3rd Feb, until 4th Mar.
2013White-fronted Goose, Jubilee River, 25th-29th January, 11 on 25th Jan. Then 2 nearby at Dorney Common on 29th Jan are presumed to be from the original flock.
2011White-fronted Goose, Gayhurst Quarry, 29th December, 5 on 29th Dec.
2011White-fronted Goose, Marlow, 19th November, 2 on 19th Nov.
2011White-fronted Goose, College Lake, 4th April, 1 on 4th Apr.
2011White-fronted Goose, Gallows Bridge, 3rd-9th January, 4 from 3rd to 9th Jan.
2010White-fronted Goose, Jubilee River, 28th December to 17th January 2011, 18 from 28th Dec to 17th Jan when 16 present, then 4 until end of Feb. Also 15 on nearby Amerden Scrapes on 29th Dec presumed from the same flock.
2010White-fronted Goose, Broughton, Aylesbury, 19th February to 1st March, 3 on 19th Feb to 1st Mar.
2010White-fronted Goose, Little Marlow GP, 6th February, 2 6th Feb.
2010White-fronted Goose, Gayhurst Quarry, 17th January, 1 on 17th Jan presumed to be the same individual as above.
2009White-fronted Goose, Newport Pagnell, 28th December to 6th January 2010, 1 on 28th Dec until 6th Jan 2010.
2009White-fronted Goose, Gayhurst Quarry, 3rd-4th February, 4 on 3rd Feb then 26 on 4th Feb.
2009White-fronted Goose, Ravenstone, 18th January, 17 in flight on 18th Jan then presumably the same at Linford later the same day.
2008White-fronted Goose, Gayhurst Quarry, 26th December, 2 26th Dec.
2007White-fronted Goose, Hillesden, 28th December, 12 on 28th Dec.
2007White-fronted Goose, Rammamere Heath, 28th January, 38 flew over NW on 28th Jan.
2006White-fronted Goose, Gayhurst Quarry, 9th March, 3 9th Mar & 14th Mar.  1 11th Dec.
2006White-fronted Goose, Linford GPs, 9th-11th February, 2 9th -11th Feb.
2004White-fronted Goose, College Lake, 4th December,   4th Dec into 2005.  Photo.
2004White-fronted Goose, Marlow, 14th November, 5 over W on 14th Nov.
2002White-fronted Goose, Marlow, 13th October, 3 over SE on 13th Oct.
2000White-fronted Goose, Linford GPs, 16th January, 1 on 16th Jan.
2000White-fronted Goose, Little Marlow GP, 16th January, 24 in from the N on 16th Jan flew off W.
1998White-fronted Goose, Little Marlow GP, 4th December, A flock of over 70 on 4th Dec, thereafter 50-63 commuted between.
1998White-fronted Goose, Linford GPs, 15th March, 4 over on 15th Mar.
1998White-fronted Goose, Cosgrove, Milton Keynes, 16th-20th January, 19 on 16th Jan declining to 2 on 20th.
1997White-fronted Goose, Linford GPs, 27th December to 23rd January 1998, c14 on 27th Dec 1997.  21 on Jan 22nd-23rd 1998, and in various numbers until 30th Jan.
1997White-fronted Goose, Calvert, 14th January, 8 arrived from the N on 14th Jan stayed until 26th.
1995White-fronted Goose, Linford GPs, 6th December to 11th February 1996, A wintering flock of 35 on 6th Dec peaked at 38 on 11th Feb 1996. Smaller numbers remained until 26th March.
1993White-fronted Goose, Linford GPs, 10th January, 6 on 10th Jan.
1992White-fronted Goose, Willen Lakes, 5th March, 6 flew over to the N on 5th Mar.
1991White-fronted Goose, Willen Lakes, 27th December, 46 over heading N on 27th Dec.
1991White-fronted Goose, Marlow, 21st October, 12 ads + 6 juveniles over on 21st Oct.
1987White-fronted Goose, Denham, 19th-20th December, 9 present on 19th -20th Dec at Broadwater GP (Gr London) flew into Bucks on both dates.
1986White-fronted Goose, Haddenham, 4th November, 43 on 4th Nov.
1985White-fronted Goose, Dadford, 26th October, 42 over on 26th Oct.
1985White-fronted Goose, South Bucks, 18th January, 24 flying N into Bucks on 18th Jan from Queen Mother Res (Dachet, Berks).
1985White-fronted Goose, Willen Lakes, 12th January to 22nd February, c110 flew E in 3 skeins on 12th Jan and then seen at Willen, Linford and Hyde Lane on various dates until 22nd Feb.
1984White-fronted Goose, Stony Stratford, 21st December, 2 adults + 1 juvenile on 21st Dec.