Black-throated Diver


2008Black-throated Diver, Calvert, 19th May.
2002Black-throated Diver, Taplow GP, 27th November to 5th January 2003.
1998Black-throated Diver, Calvert, 1st winter, 6th November, A 1st winter bird on 6th Nov was found dead the following day.  Photo.
1996Black-throated Diver, Bradwell Lakes, 1st winter, 18th-22nd December.
1994Black-throated Diver, Haddenham, 2nd January.
1985Black-throated Diver, Caldecotte Lake, 1st winter, 31st October to 17th November.
1983Black-throated Diver, Waddesdon, 13th November, 1 found in a field on 13th Nov was taken into care but later died.
1979Black-throated Diver, Little Marlow GP, 18th February.
1976Black-throated Diver, Buckland, 12th-13th March, 1 from 12th -13th Mar flew west from Wilstone Res (Herts) into Bucks airspace on 13th.
1972Black-throated Diver, Willen Lakes, 1 in early Mar was picked up dead after an overnight storm.
1966Black-throated Diver, Old Slade Lake, Berks, 5th November, (now in Berks).
1955Black-throated Diver, Marlow, 9th January.
1954Black-throated Diver, Milton Keynes, 25th December, At Hartigan’s GP, Broughton.