Ring-necked Duck


Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck


2020Ring-necked Duck, Marsworth Reservoir (Bucks section), 22nd December, A male.
2016Ring-necked Duck, Marlow, 2nd January, An adult male on 2nd Jan.
2015Ring-necked Duck, College Lake, 7th November, A drake on 7th Nov. Presumed to be a bird from nearby Wilstone Res (Herts).
2015Ring-necked Duck, Startop's End Reservoir (Bucks Section), 4th-7th October, In Bucks section 4th -7th Oct.
2015Ring-necked Duck, Calvert, 7th January to 8th February, A 1st winter female present 7th Jan to 8th Feb.
2010Ring-necked Duck, Foxcote Res, 15th October to 26th November, Only seen on 15th Oct, 22nd Oct and 26th Nov.
2009Ring-necked Duck, Foxcote Res, 11th-4th April, Re-appeared on 11th Oct and stayed until 4th Apr.
2008Ring-necked Duck, Foxcote Res, 15th April to 21st October, At start of year seen until 15th Apr.  Then from 21st Oct until 3rd Mar 2009.
2007Ring-necked Duck, Foxcote Res, 1st April to 10th November, A male from 2006 last seen on 1st Apr.  Returned on 10th Nov and stayed into 2008.  No doubt the same individual as in 2004,2005 and 2006.
2006Ring-necked Duck, Foxcote Res, 4th-12th April, A male from 4th -12th Apr and from 9th Dec into 2007.
2005Ring-necked Duck, Foxcote Res, 16th March to 5th April, A male from 16th Mar to 5th Apr.Photo.
2004Ring-necked Duck, Foxcote Res, 14th February to 2nd April, A male on 14th Feb until 2nd Apr. Photo.
1996Ring-necked Duck, Willen Lakes, 23rd February, A male on 23rd Feb.
1994Ring-necked Duck, Willen Lakes, 26th September to 3rd October, An adult male from 26th Sep to 3rd Oct.
1991Ring-necked Duck, Willen Lakes, 12th May, Male on 12th May.
1989Ring-necked Duck, Yiewsley GP, 14th January to 2nd May, Female from 14th Jan-2th May.
1979Ring-necked Duck, Willen Lakes, 16th-16th March, Male from 7-16th Mar.
1971Ring-necked Duck, Marlow, 14th February, from 14th Feb and 3 subsequent winters.