2022Nightingale, Weston Underwood, 2nd May.
2022Nightingale, Kilwick Wood, 30th April, Singing. Also on 20th May.
2022Nightingale, Campbell Park, 25th-30th April, Singing.
2020Nightingale, Watermead Lake, 26th May, Singing for one day.
2020Nightingale, Olney, 24th April to 12th May, A singing bird.
2020Nightingale, Arncott MOD, Bucks area, 24th April to 12th June, First singing on 24th Apr. Seen feeding young on 12th Jun.
2019Nightingale, Lee Common , 30th July, Singing.
2019Nightingale, Arncott MOD, Bucks area, 22nd June, Calling.
2018Nightingale, Kilwick Wood, 17th-19th May, 2 singing on 17th May with 1 still on 19th May.
2018Nightingale, Arncott MOD, Bucks area, 25th April to 7th July, A singing male on 25th Apr. Up to 3 birds seen or heard up until 23rd May. A family party of at least 3 birds on 7th Jul.
2017Nightingale, Arncott MOD, Bucks area, 1st July, An adult ringed.
2017Nightingale, Burnham, 26th May, A singing male.
2017Nightingale, Quainton, 22nd May, A singing male.
2017Nightingale, Calvert, 2nd May to 1st June, A singing bird between these dates.
2016Nightingale, Arncott MOD, Bucks area, Three territories at the only known breeding site in the county.
2015-Nightingale, Buckinghamshire, Records prior to 2016 to be added.
Nightingale, Hodgemoor Woods, 13th April, One present.