Leach's Petrel


Leach's Petrel
Leach's Petrel


2016Leach's Petrel, Calvert, 28th September, Found late in the day on 28th Sep and remained until dusk..
2006Leach's Petrel, Little Marlow GP, 6th December.
2006Leach's Petrel, Startop's End Reservoir (Bucks Section), 6th December.
2001Leach's Petrel, Calvert Sailing Lake, 10th September, 1 on 10th Sep. followed strong NW winds on previous days when there were numerous sighting along the NW coasts.
1989Leach's Petrel, Marlow, 29th October.
1989Leach's Petrel, Milton Keynes, 21st September, Found at Fishermead and was taken into care but later died.
1987Leach's Petrel, Willen Lakes, 16th September.
1983Leach's Petrel, Willen Lakes, 3rd September.
1976Leach's Petrel, Drayton Parslow, 24th November, 1 found injured 24-26th Nov, died on 28th.
1952Leach's Petrel, Penn, 7th November, 1 found dead on 7th Nov.
1952Leach's Petrel, Penn, 31st October, 1 found dead on 31st Oct.
1952Leach's Petrel, Great Brickhill, 26th October, 1 found dead on 26th Oct. was presumed to be of this species.
1948Leach's Petrel, Chalfont Park, 24th December, 1 found dead on 24th Dec.
1929Leach's Petrel, Lenborough, 14th December, 1 found dead on 14th Dec.
1910Leach's Petrel, Westcott, In Nov.
1881Leach's Petrel, Bierton, 14th October.
1859Leach's Petrel, Latimer Park, 1st November.