Buckinghamshire listing

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1L Evans265264 BOU plus, White-headed Duck, Azorean Atlantic Gull, White Wagtail & Siberian Chiffchaff but not including obvious escapes like Bar-headed Goose, Ross's Snow Goose, Wood Duck, Hooded Merganser, Monk Parakeet, etc. Red-rumped Swallow added in 2022 (264/277=95.3% of total)(seen Dotterel from Bucks, transported a live Fulmar across Bucks, dipped Great Shear & Storm Petrel)21/07/2022
2J E Rose255Last additions - Lesser Yellowlegs and Spoonbill in May 2014, Bonaparte's Gull in 2015. Gannet and Velvet Scoter in 2016. Kentish Plover in May 2017 and Black-crowned Night Heron in August 2017. White-winged Black Tern in May 2019. Dipper in Mar 2020. Red-necked Phalarope in June 2021. Marsh Warbler in June 2021. Blue-winged Teal in 2022 not currently included. Red-Rumped Swallow added 2022.22/07/2022
3S Nichols254 03/05/2022
4M Collard251 22/07/2022
5R S Hill248 22/07/2022
6G Smith246Not including Pale Bellied Brent, White Wagtail, Sibe Chiff, Ruddy Shelduck, White headed Duck, BWT Marlow Low Grounds White Winged Black Tern Foxcote 19/5/19 Latest Hoopoe Willen area MK 22/4/21 Curlew Sandpiper Dorney31/5/21 Marsh Warbler FFNR MK 8/6/21 Red Rumped Swallow 27/4/LMGP White Rumped Sandpiper 21/7/202222/07/2022
7D Ferguson243 22/07/2022
8B Miller241Actively birding in Bucks since moving out of London in 2002. Nine "gettable" species missed in this time: Bonepart's Gull (dipped x3), Icterine Warbler & Night-Heron (away on holidays), Red-throated Diver, Alpine Swift & Green-winged Teal (working), Bonxie (didn't get the news), Storm-Petrel (was stuck shopping in High Wycombe!!), WWBT (looked the wrong way) and Honey-buzzard (pure ineptitude).22/07/2022
9A D Bassett239Only been county listing seriously since about 2009, with a few older records when I wasn't a county resident. Recent - 2020: Black-bellied Dipper, The Rye; Red-necked Phalarope, Little Marlow GP; Pink-footed Goose, Watermead; 2021: Hoopoe, Willen excavation; Marsh Warbler, FFNR; 2022: Red-rumped Swallow, Little Marlow GP; White-rumped Sandpiper, Dorney Common 21/07/2022
10J Edwards234Resident in Bucks since 1996 but with county records going back many years. Highlights over the years include White tailed Eagle, Manx Shearwater, Night Heron, Purple Heron, White Stork, Glossy Ibis, Black winged Stilt, Wilson's and Red necked Phalarope, Long tailed Skua, Golden Oriole.. Marsh Warbler and Marsh Harrier in 2021 and RR Swallow and White r. Sandpiper in 202222/07/2022
11A J Stevens230 03/05/2022
11=R Norris230Marsh Warbler and Glossy Ibis added this year.22/07/2022
12D Horton227Have been birding in Bucks since 1970 but lived in Oxfordshire for 15 years. Highlights include Cirl Bunting, Black-eared Wheatear, White-tailed Eagle, Caspian Tern, Black-winged Stilt and many others. Latest Curlew Sandpiper at Manor Farm 7/5/15 09/06/2015
12=D Parmenter227 03/05/2022
13D L Cleal221Only really started birding in Bucks in 2007, though I lived near High Wycombe in the 70s, Tree Pipit singing and displaying in Wendover Woods, Cirl Bunting at West Wycombe Hill which we'd be fortunate to see now. Turtle Dove, Grasshopper Warbler & Nightingale at MOD Arncott 2016 Updated Oct 17. YBW & Dartford Warbler.22/07/2022
14J W D Gearing209All records from 1990 onwards, although many species seen before this date. Nightjar recorded breeding in 1940s at Littleworth Common 2013 & 2014 recorded Monk Parakeet pair nesting at a site in Aylesbury - not on list. Best bird - Black Stork at Nether Winchendon. Most recent Bucks first record - Black-winged Stilt College Lake.11/10/2019
14=A Beolens209May be some missed that I don't have recorded (Water Pipit? Ferruginous Duck? Whooper Swan? Pink footed goose? Mealy redpoll?) also not counted Bar Headed and Snow Geese or Ruddy Shelduck. Dates & Locations where recalled/recorded. Oh and I barely leave MK for birds (8 outside MK or very close)14/06/2022
15E Griffiths206Plus 3 heard species - Quail, Nightingale and Icterine Warbler. 22/07/2022
16D J Bevan188 14/06/2022
17M Wilkinson187 03/05/2022
17=S Ramm187Birding since 2013, now putting in a bit more effort with the county list. Latest Red-Necked Phalarope, Quail, Crossbill and Sandwich Tern.21/07/2022
18A C Morris186 14/06/2022
19K Holt185 06/05/2021
19=N Marriner185 03/05/2022
20G B Langley178 08/02/2019
21L Marriner174 15/06/2022
22C Gibbs173 25/06/2022
23P Gibbs172 22/07/2022
24A Gibbs169 04/05/2022
25K P Duncan160 22/07/2022
26S Bosher157 12/11/2021
27R O'Brien156Louise is only two birds short of me so also qualifies if she decides to list. Rob and Louise, Marsh Gibbon12/12/2021
28J D Gaches153An interesting exercise as my Bucks records are stored alphabetically. It has highlighted some gaps in my list!05/04/2018
29A MacGarvey148 03/05/2022
30D Marchant110Only started seriously on retirement in Sept 2016, but have a few photographic records from earlier.06/10/2017
31P R Moon102All done, finished on 102. 2018 - MKUA 24 hour bird list. May 26th start - 1200 to 27th 1200. Any donations or sponsorship towards the RSPB MK Wildlife Explorers Projector fund kindly accepted. Thank You all who helped look for Birds and pledged donations. MKUA Blast Team 12/01/2019
32P Crowe90 06/05/2019
32=M Milne90 21/07/2022
33F Hutchinson2 24/12/2018
34R A Fowles1 20/10/2018
34=A McGrath1 15/01/2022