2012Fulmar, Haddenham, 5th April, 1 emaciated bird found in the road on 5th Apr.  It was taken to St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital but unfortunately died.
2006Fulmar, Calvert, 25th February, 1 briefly on 25th Feb following poor weather on the E coast,.
2004Fulmar, Calvert, 29th February, 1 on 29th Feb. following a large movement on the E coast.
2001Fulmar, Willen Lakes, 2nd March.
2000Fulmar, Great Brickhill, 6th April, An adult picked up in poor condition on 6th Apr was taken to St Tiggywinckles Wildlife Hospital.
1993Fulmar, Willen Lakes, 1st March, 1 joined the gull roost on 1st Mar staying into the following day.
1990Fulmar, Willen Lakes, 30th March.
1989Fulmar, Marlow, 10th November.
1989Fulmar, Caldecotte Lake, 11th September, 1 on 11th Sep.  Found dead on 16th.
1989Fulmar, Cliveden, 4th September.