Storm Petrel


Storm Petrel
Storm Petrel
Storm Petrel


2013Storm Petrel, Calvert, 13th October.
1929Storm Petrel, Grendon Underwood, 8th December, 1 found alive on 8th Dec died later.
1928Storm Petrel, Whaddon, 28th November, 1 found dead on 28th Nov.
1880Storm Petrel, Wendover, 1 picked up in Nov.
1877Storm Petrel, High Wycombe, A Petrel seen in mid Oct. was thought to have been of this species.
1868Storm Petrel, High Wycombe, 21st January.
1865Storm Petrel, Burnham, 1 shot.
1859Storm Petrel, Burnham, 1 found dead in Oct.