2022Wryneck, Dunton, 2nd September, One found in a mist net!.
2022Wryneck, Ivinghoe Beacon, 30th April, One seen.
2019Wryneck, Naphill, 23rd August, One.
2017Wryneck, Pitstone Hill, 6th-8th October, One present.
2017Wryneck, Cressex, 29th April, One in a garden.
2016Wryneck, Granborough, 14th September, 1 found dead on 14th Sep.
2016Wryneck, Old Amersham, 14th September, 1 on lawn on 14th Sep.
2016Wryneck, Speen, 24th April, 1 on 24th Apr and one other day.
2015Wryneck, Long Crendon, 20th-23rd August, 1 in a garden 20th -23rd Aug.
2013Wryneck, Downley, 2nd September, 1 on 2nd Sep on Downley Common.
2013Wryneck, Steps Hill, 30th-31st August, 1 on 30th and 31st Aug.
2013Wryneck, Quainton Hills, 28th August, 1 on 28th Aug.
2011Wryneck, Old Farm Park, MK, 1st October, 1 on 1st Oct.
2011Wryneck, High Wycombe, 1st June, 1 on 1st Jun at the Rugby Club.
2010Wryneck, Bacombe Hill, 20th-24th September, 1 20th -24th Sep.
2010Wryneck, Lodge Hill, 12th September, 1 on 12th Sep.
2009Wryneck, Lathbury, 7th-8th October, 1 on 7th -8th Oct.
2008Wryneck, Prestwood, 12th-16th September, 1 in gardens 12th -16th Sep.
2008Wryneck, Marsh, 19th April, 1 19th Apr.
2006Wryneck, Taplow, 28th April, 1 in a garden on 28th Apr.
2004Wryneck, Whitchurch, 28th-2nd September, 1 in garden 28th & 30th Aug, 1st-2th Sep.
2003Wryneck, Dorton, 3rd September, 1in a garden on 3rd Sep.
2002Wryneck, Dinton, 13th October, 1 in a garden on 13th Oct.
2002Wryneck, Meadle, 27th August, 1 in a garden on 27th Aug.
2001Wryneck, Whaddon, 25th August, 1 on 25th Aug.
2000Wryneck, Aylesbury, 2nd-3rd September, A juv in a birders garden on 2nd & 3rd Sep.
2000Wryneck, Princes Risborough, 4th August, 1 in garden on 4th Aug for about a week.
1997Wryneck, Wolverton, 4th September, 1 in garden on 4th Sep.
1997Wryneck, High Wycombe, 25th August, 1 in garden on 25th Aug.
1997Wryneck, Newport Pagnell, 23rd August, 1 in garden on 23rd Aug.
1996Wryneck, Frieth, 12th September, 1 on 12th Sep at Little Frieth.
1996Wryneck, Amersham, 1st-2nd September, 1 on 1st-2th Sep.
1996Wryneck, High Wycombe, 31st August to 2nd September, 1 in gardens 31st Aug to 2nd Sep.
1995Wryneck, Grendon Underwood, 26th September, 1 on 26th Sep.
1995Wryneck, Beaconsfield, 1 in the 2nd week Apr.
1994Wryneck, Speen, 7th September, 1 on 7th Sep.
1994Wryneck, Wing, 5th-11th September, Daily from 5th to 11th Sep.
1991Wryneck, Winslow, 12th October, 1 on 12th Oct.
1991Wryneck, Aston Abbots, 7th September, 1 on 7th Sep.
1989Wryneck, High Wycombe, 5th-6th September, 1 on 5th and 6th Sep.
1989Wryneck, Whitchurch, 5th September, 1 feeding on ants on 5th Sep.
1988Wryneck, Moorend Common, 10th-17th May, 1 10th -17th May.
1986Wryneck, Great Kingshill, 4th September, 1 on 4th Sep.
1985Wryneck, Chalfont St Peter, Reported to have bred.  Birds were  seen at the site on unspecified dates in both 1986 and 1987. In 1988 1 present from 10th May to 31st Aug.