Montagu's Harrier


2022Montagu's Harrier, Pitstone Hill, 12th May, Considered most likely to be this species.
2020Montagu's Harrier, Rowsham, 31st July, An immature female.
2012Montagu's Harrier, Dorney Common, 23rd September, An male on 23rd Sep.
2008Montagu's Harrier, Pitstone Hill, 15th August, Pitstone Hill – A “ringtail” on 15th Aug.
2005Montagu's Harrier, South Bucks, 7th May, A male on 7th May.
2005Montagu's Harrier, Haversham, 3rd May, A “ringtail” on 3rd May thought to be this species.
1999Montagu's Harrier, Broughton, Aylesbury, 2nd September, A probable male over high on 2nd Sep.
1998Montagu's Harrier, Drayton Parslow, Recorded in the Bucks Annual Report as Harrier Sp, this bird “Ringtail” bird was considered by the observer to be of this species.
1993Montagu's Harrier, Drayton Parslow, A “Ringtail” on 9th & 10th at Drayton Parslow/Newton Longville was probably of this species.
1977Montagu's Harrier, Marsworth, Bucks, 26th May, A female on 26th May.
1968Montagu's Harrier, Frieth, 24th June, An adult female on 24th June.
1929Montagu's Harrier, Black Park, 1 in late April/early May was trapped by the gamekeeper.