Adrian Bayliss


Recent sightings

21/07/24Great Crested GrebeCollege Lake2A C Bayliss
Pair adding material to a nest and appear to be sitting. The first serious nesting attempt by Great Crested Grebe here since 2016 when two chicks hatched but survived just a few days. Hopefully a more positive outcome this time.  
21/07/24RedshankCollege Lake1A C Bayliss
20/07/24Common SandpiperCollege Lake1A C Bayliss
20/07/24Meadow PipitCollege Lake2A C Bayliss
20/07/24LapwingCollege Lake33A C Bayliss
18/07/24RedshankCollege Lake1A C Bayliss
18/07/24Common SandpiperCollege Lake1A C Bayliss
18/07/24Common TernCollege Lake5A C Bayliss
Five youngsters in view. One juvenile and 4 downy chicks.  
18/07/24LapwingCollege Lake24A C Bayliss
Post breeding flock on the chalk bench.  
16/07/24Common SandpiperCollege Lake6A C Bayliss
Flock of four birds flying around the marsh looking like they wanted to land on a Tern raft. Instead they opted for a branch just above the water below the Fitter Hide. Two more were at the far end of the lake. The four were still on the same branch in the rain when I returned at 1230 but when it stopped flew to the old raft. Surprisingly they were completely ignored by the breeding terns.