Adrian Bayliss


Recent sightings

27/02/24GoldeneyeCollege Lake6A C Bayliss
Two drakes and four females on the lake. Great to have had so many goldeneye here this winter.  
27/02/24RedshankCollege Lake2A C Bayliss
27/02/24OystercatcherCollege Lake2A C Bayliss
24/02/24RedshankCollege Lake2A C Bayliss
With one of the two birds commuting between the northern end of the lake and the Marsh.  
24/02/24OystercatcherCollege Lake3A C Bayliss
24/02/24Cetti's WarblerCollege Lake1A C Bayliss
24/02/24Little GrebeCollege Lake1A C Bayliss
24/02/24GoldcrestCollege Lake1A C Bayliss
24/02/24TealCollege Lake8A C Bayliss
24/02/24WigeonCollege Lake32A C Bayliss