Hampshire Bird News

Sunday 23rd November 2014

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23/11/14Mute SwanIbsley40R A Hume
No proper concentration as yet.  
23/11/14Long-tailed DuckBlashford Lakes - Ibsley Water1R A Hume
23/11/14Yellow-legged GullBlashford Lakes - Ibsley Water10R A Hume
23/11/14FRANKLIN'S GULLBlashford Lakes - Ibsley Water1R A Hume
In before 3 so decent views. Any strong views on ageing? I initially reported it as adult but later the same day reconsidered:still not able to resolve wingtip satisfactorily but given apparent weakness of white primary band and large triangle of solid black with white tips, it seems as likely to be 2nd year as adult.  
23/11/14Spotted RedshankInchmery1R Chapman
in small creek by the roadside.  
23/11/14RavenChandlers Ford1D Lister
1 north over the village to Cranbury park.  
23/11/14JayHavant3M Hampton
Exciting few minutes with three Jays present simultaneously in our smallish garden this morning, hunting about for who-knows-what in a plum and an apple tree. Only ever seen one in the garden before.  
23/11/14Common SandpiperCenturion Business Park, Southampton2M J Smith
At Bitterne Manor Park.  
23/11/14Bewick's SwanAlresford Pond6P Stanbury
ad. Found by David Mills and Dave Shute. Showing well at the back of the pond at 1430hours.  
23/11/14SparrowhawkBaffins Pond (Portsmouth)1D Clarke
Sitting on garden fence watching my seed feeders in heavy rain. Note feeders had none of the usual visitors present!.  
23/11/14JayCatisfield1A Robjohns
Briefly in garden. They rarely enter the garden!.