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08/08/22Sandwich TernOxford: Aston's Eyot8B Pomfret
One of those maybe/maybe not sightings. At Aston's Eyot, I heard terns calling, felt confident I was hearing sandwich rather than common terns, but obscured by trees I only got a glimpse as 8-10 birds passed downstream on the Thames. Don't suppose anybody can confirm?  
15/07/22Sandwich TernNORTHERN CROSS VALLEY WAY2J Pimm
Flying overhead circ[ing and calling, one with small fish in bill-flew off east. SP368084.  
01/05/22Sandwich TernFarmoor Reservoir2N Truby
16/04/22Sandwich TernGrimsbury Reservoir1G Blockley
arrived with 2 common terns c.8:40 but was only arond for c.10 mins (4 observers inc. Gareth Cashburn and JFT).