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1S P PiggottKeyhavenSZ3193234Includes Milford Shelter thru Keyhaven and Pennington to Normandy Marshes. My patch since 1991 but only listing since 99.08/04/2015
2D WallaceTitchfield Haven, Brownwich and ChillingSU520045200My home patch. I started birding at the Haven in 2003 and have recently included Brownwich and Chilling.14/04/2015
3P D WinterLower Test186Will add the details when I have a little more time09/04/2015
4L M FullerLee fullerNeeds Ore171Pretty sure I could add a few more. Quick estimate off the top of my head. Highlights for me have been finding Long-billed dowitcher, Grey Phalarope, Red-necked grebe.02/04/2015
5S IngramSouth EastleighSU44181705x5km inland square centred on home square16/04/2015
6N JonesRomseySU3722166Same patch as for my "patch year listing" based around my home - been here since 199604/04/2015
7A S RhodesCalshot, Ashlett Creek and BadmisntonCalshot165Same area as year patch list. Calshot, Ashlett creek and Badminston area17/04/2015
8P F FawkesLepe157Except for the very occasional 'pass through', I have only been watching Lepe regularly since September 2013. It will take a few years before I reach my Calshot-Fawley tally of 209, this between 1969 and 1984 (with Spanish Sparrow thrown in for good measure!)05/04/2015
9S MansfieldAltonSU7203851198*3 including woodland, farmland, town and a couple of ponds and streams. Alton - Beech/Chawton to East Worldham. All by foot/cycle from home. Can I count the stuffed Ruff from Kings Pond which lives in the Curtis Museum ?13/04/2015
9=D RobertsonHambledon to Old Winchester Hill119Started watching this as local patch in 2001. Predominantly farmland, VERY little water!18/04/2015
10A R Howe9623/03/2015


2014Nigel Jones156
2013Marcus Ward163
2012Lee Fuller151